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AfterMath - a post-apoc text-based game
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Do you know, just how damn terrible it is livin' sleeping in a bomb-shelter through a solar catastrophe; and hoping to God thatcha DON'T DIE? Well, hey, welcome to my world! Or what I like to call "hell". Not to mention, also the place that those stupid "Doomsday Preppers" can now victor in. God knows if any of those damn hoes are still alive even! But, hey, my arse is still here, so good luck try'na find me!

~A Lone Survivor, Late December 2012


AfterMath is a post-apocalyptic text-based game. The controls to the game are very simple: hit the number indicated by each available choice, and then hit ENTER! Currently, AfterMath is in its prototype phase. This game is also open-source and Creative Commons; so if you would like to check out the source code, please do feel free to ask for it: there will be no hesitation in sending it to you!

At the below links, you will find all version of the game, alongside the source files:

Direct Download: Click me! Download: Click me! :D
To report any bugs or ideas found in or that you think should be implemented in AfterMath, please send us your inquiry at our CONTACT US page. Also, when you submit me a bug report, please tell me which episode it is in, the version you have, when it happened (the event you were at), etc.. Thank you for your help and cooperation!
You can also find us at our official Steam Group, and at our Steam Greenlight post! We will be posting our updates there and there!


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